Do you know your mortgage rate?  Of course you do. Now, here’s a tougher one. Do you know how much interest you’ll pay over the life of your mortgage? Tougher question, isn’t it? But that’s the more important one, and it’s usually overlooked by most borrowers.

The truth is, even at today’s low rates, the total amount of interest on a 30-year fixed loan is roughly equal to the amount you borrowed. How would you like to potentially cut those interest costs in half, and be able to own your home free and clear in years, rather than decades?

Well, now you can, with the Home Ownership Accelerator loan from CMG Mortgage. It’s actually very simple. Instead of depositing your paycheck in a traditional checking account, you deposit it into your Home Ownership Accelerator loan, which reduces your loan balance while your money is waiting to be spent. That could save you tens or thousands in interest, allowing you to pay off your home years earlier, with no change to spending habits.

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