He never thought it would take him as far as it has

As a teenager, Duke was your average American boy.  He dreamed of working on vehicles, only he took it to the extreme.  He had a Honda Civic that he loved doing modifications to, “I’ve never been able to build a car stereo system that large to this date,” Duke reminisces.  His wife, Krissy remembers that system fondly, mainly the part where her hair was moving due to the vibrations of the subwoofer.

Duke still longed to see how far he could go with modifying vehicles, and in 2000 he found his dream becoming a reality. “When I purchased my first truck, a 2000 Ford F-150 approximately 11 years ago, I lifted it and installed every known aftermarket product on it,” stated Duke.  Little did he know that his love of modifications would lead to a dream come true.

Being that Duke was a web developer, he created a website devoted to his love, called F-150 World.  Soon after his development, a magazine publisher approached Duke.  They loved his website and wanted to make it bigger and so “Ford Truck World” was developed.  This development was followed by a magazine being published based on a love of Fords, with the Ford Truck World name.

“My hobby and enthusiasm for modifying vehicles turned into my full-time job where I helped run a Corona, CA based publishing company as its CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and Editor of Ford Truck World magazine.  That business spawned a dozen more websites and a total of four newsstand magazines.”  To say the least, Duke was quickly moving up in the magazine world, and he would not be stopping there.

Duke published several blogs online, including a truck blog and a muscle car blog.  While in his garage one day, Duke finally made his love of modifications a reality and a help aid to people everywhere.  “With the help of a friend, I grabbed our camcorder that we had been using to shoot videos of car shows and he jumped behind the camera while I jumped in front of it.  The end result – the first episode – was highly praised, so I kept running with it.”

To date, they have created 62 episodes. The film crew is combined of three people: the host, Duke, a camera operator and good friend of Duke’s, Jason Gillmore, and a production assistant Andrea Gillmore.  On the weekends, an intern Dillon Adams, who is a 17 year old El Capitan High School student, comes out to help.  Duke’s wife Krissy runs the books for the show.

The show is to help people do their own modifications – from their home – at a low cost.  All the tools used on the show can be purchased through Sears, which happens to be a sponsor of the show.  It can be seen on satellite television or online at motorz.tv, as well as youtube.com and iTunes.  Duke says, “Think of the show like having a buddy over on the weekend to help you out and throw back a few cold ones… but this way you get to keep all the beer for yourself.”