In 1996, Christopher Scott Preston decided to help out the people of San Diego, and he has not stopped since then.

“For over 14 years, we have helped our clients achieve the results that fad diets and expensive gym memberships just can’t achieve,” Preston said. He started a program called Body by Dante, which is located at Real Deal Fitness. As of June 1, he had helped 957 women achieve better bodies – indicating that the most rewarding part is “helping people who have tried everything else and I was the last resort, and to seeing their bodies change right before their eyes“.

Still, there is so much more to what Preston is doing for this community.

Last year, 1,400 pounds of clothing were donated by Preston and his clients to Becky’s House, a regional battered women’s shelter. This year, he’s shooting to increase the donation to 2,000 pounds. “I have had a lot of clients that drop lots of weight and my clients always ask what they should do with the old clothes,” he said.

Donating to the shelter is one of the many things, outside of his business, that Preston is involved in. After 22 years in the U.S. Navy, and 12 years as a civilian firefighter, he is finding ways to put his training to use. He attended school and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, and his Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. He works with three prior boot camp instructors who are involved in helping out the local Boy Scouts earn their Fitness Badge, as well as working with the local California Burn Institute.

Preston’s wife is a teacher at Marshall Middle School in Scripps Ranch, where she has received the “Teacher of the Year Award” for the past three years. Christopher also participates in the Scripps Ranch Farmers Market every Saturday.