Imagine a life where you were worried about your children’s health. Imagine a life where you didn’t know if there would be enough food for you to eat. Imagine a life where education was almost non-existent. Now imagine a life where all of that changes when one man, Chris, met one woman, Julianne.

Chris North remembers the story of how it all came to be the miracle that others will never forget. “In 1986 while at Loyola Marymount University, we met on a trip to an orphanage in Tecate, Mexico,” he said. “We fell in love with the place and while Julianne was still in college, we raised $150,000 to purchase a ranch next door to build a dormitory and a vocational school for the older boys.”

Their passion went on to be much bigger than that.

In 1988, after they were married, the Norths moved to Tecate to run the boys home for orphans. They soon found that the boys attending the school had families that were very poor, or lived in shacks. The families were sending their children to the orphanage as a sort of boarding school. They knew then that they could do more for the people of Mexico.

In 1999, they sought out to make their vision of helping the people of Mexico come true. They reached out and found that the people of Scripps Ranch also had a passion for the people who were less fortunate. This was the start to a foundation known as Build a Miracle.

Build a Miracle, to date, has built 138 homes and more than 700 people in Tijuana, Mexico have gone from shacks to two-bedroom homes that include a bathroom, living room, and a kitchen. The group is also dedicated to helping with the educational needs of the people in Tijuana. They have seven students that are currently attending college, thanks to scholarships provided. And many children – and even adults – are now receiving further education.

The couple noted that Build a Miracle utilizes 100 percent of donated money for the building and educational purposes of the people in Tijuana. “We operate with zero administrative costs and salaries,” Chris North said. “We really need contributors willing to sponsor scholarships for the many great young people who would love to go to high school or college. These contributors can have a direct relationship with their student – a part of the Build a Miracle personal touch and transparency.”

Local residenst who want to assist can send tax deductible donations to Chris and Julianne North at 11207 Lady Fern Ct, San Diego, CA  92131 or join the group on one of its monthly trips to Tijuana to build homes.  Visit for dates and other information – or contact Build a Miracle directly via email at or by phone at 619-992-0845