by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Spark Photography

There’s no place like home according to the residents of Kingspine Avenue, a community of Scripps Ranch built in 1985. From neighborhood barbeques and backyard weddings to rebuilding after the devastating 2003 Cedar Fire, the Wests, Dillards, Hesters, Costellos, Stanitsas, Fensters, Woods, Huffmans, Arbuckles, Cariffes and Asts have been there since the beginning. Find out why the residents of this tight-knit community feel lucky to call Kingspine Avenue home.

The Stanitsas
“There is a strong core of friendship and closeness between neighbors on this street. Over the years, we have taken turns hosting an end-of-summer barbeque and holiday get-togethers. We moved here when I was pregnant with my first child, and 25 years later, we are still here. And though we lost 16 homes on our street during the Cedar Fire, all have been rebuilt.”

The Cariffes
“My wife and I were married in our new home [on Kingspine Avenue] about a month after we moved in – a happy celebration with many friends. Many children, including ours, found playmates and friends on this street.”

The Arbuckles
“We moved to San Diego from New York in 1985. We had one child at the time, a 3-year-old son. Our Kingspine neighbors form a true community of friends who will step up to the plate when needed. We lost our home in the 2003 Cedar Fire. We rebuilt, as did the others who lost their homes on this street. We couldn’t imagine living anywhere other than our own neighborhood.”

The Dillards
“We moved into our house in 1985 with our two young children. We moved to the area mainly because of its central location to the city, the bay and the beach. After the fire in 2003, we rebuilt because the location was still great and most of our neighbors, whom we had known for many years, also decided to stay.”

The Fensters
“We moved to Kingspine Avenue in November 1985, with our 4-year-old daughter and two-year-old son. We have had many memorable times on Kingspine, especially the annual end-of-summer barbeque. We love taking walks here. We used to walk with our children and now we walk with our grandchildren.”

The Asts
“We love the open spaces, the neighborhood parks and the family atmosphere. In 2007, my wife, Patricia, and I were married in our backyard.”