Some people will tell you it takes nearly a month of repetition before a habit is formed. Others will say that habits started in childhood are hard to break… which may be what parents at Jerabek Elementary school are hoping for. “The Jerabek Green Team is made up of all students and families of the Jerabek community. It was developed to provide new and innovative programs that encourage students and families to help protect the earth and environment,” said Green Team chairpersons Stacie Maurer and Lorelle Mudd.

Since it began in September 2011, the Jerabek Green Team has been a success. In February, the school collected “Coins for Critters,” a program that raised over $400 for the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance, an organization that works for the conservation of these endangered animals. In March, kids were encouraged to “March Yourself to School” and in April and May students participated in the “Recycled Art & Trash Fashion Contest” where they made art out of recycled items.

Some programs last the entire school year. According to Jerabek parent Jen Marchesini, “Each Tuesday we remind our students about ‘Trashless Tuesday’. The kids are encouraged to bring their snacks and lunch in re-usable containers.” School staff and administrators are helping too. “We are ‘upcycling’ many of our office supplies (glue containers, tape rings, writing instruments) to Terracycle, a company that recycles the plastics into new items such as benches and bins,” said Jen.

These programs aren’t exclusively for Jerabek students and families. The school parking lot is the new home of a textile recycling bin that is accessible to the community as well. The bin, provided by 7th Generation Recycling® is used to collect used clothing and household textiles such as draperies, curtains, blankets towels, sheets, handbags, belts and shoes. Stuffed animals can also be recycled in the bin. Stacie Maurer & Lorelle Mudd, Jerabek Green Team chairs, invite you to join Jerebek in their Green Team efforts.


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