The Journal of Youths in Science (JOURNYS) is not your typical science journal. First of all, article topics are as varied as the physics of break dancing to the advent of cutting edge green technology. However, that isn’t the most unique feature of this publication. JOURNYS is a scientific journal created entirely by and for high school students. The student publishers of JOURNYS describe it as “an outlet for high school students to publish their original work and be directly involved in the scientific community.”

The mission of JOURNYS is to foster interest and education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by creating not only a publication, but a community of students who share a passion for science and innovation. Members of JOURNYS state that “Through the editing process, [students] receive feedback from a variety of sources: peers, student editors, members in other chapters and the Scientist Review Board – a network of professional scientists that reviews articles. With these connections, students can reach out to peers and mentors in the scientific community.”

Founded in 2008, JOURNYS began as a school-wide publication for Torrey Pines High School. Known at the time as Falconium, the publication quickly gained recognition and began receiving submissions from students at other schools. In the 2011-12 school year – under the direction of Torrey Pines science teacher Mr. Brinn Belyea – the Falconium became JOURNYS and chapters were established at seven high schools nationwide, including Mt. Carmel, Scripps Ranch and Westview. There are currently over 200 active members. Students involved with JOURNYS describe the idea of an inter-school journal as “promoting collaboration, not competition.”

One of the main objectives of JOURNYS is to take science out of the classroom and show students its exciting, real-world applications. Because all aspects of JOURNYS are student-run – including art and web design, public relations and the writing of grant applications and proposals – there are opportunities for students with a wide variety of interests and talents to become involved.

JOURNYS is funded by corporate sponsors GenProbe and Life Technologies, as well as through various awards and grants. JOURNYS representatives shared that the journal recently received a grant from, a program that recognizes and supports young social entrepreneurs.

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