by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Spark Photography

In a world where gymnastics and cheerleading tend to be ruled by a competitive and financially draining spirit, enter Kimberly Moser as a welcome revolution. She had to give up competitive gymnastics as a child due to a growth spurt combined with an excessive expense and time commitment, and because of this she was inspired to open Cheer4Fun. It is different from most programs in that it is completely recreational.

“Our primary goal is for everyone to build self-esteem and have fun while exercising and strengthening their bodies,” Kim stated. Cheer4Fun programs don’t require a large time commitment or financial obligation, so anyone can participate and still have time for other activities. Custom classes are another concept that sets Cheer4Fun apart. Parents are welcome to design their own classes with their child’s friends and personalized goals. “We then work together to find a day and time that works for the group,” shared Kim. “It’s a unique option for today’s busy families.”

Kimberly worked with her father for ten years running a family business in the automotive industry, and that experience prepared her for running her own business. She taught gymnastics for 14 years and started on her own with an afterschool enrichment program at EBS Elementary. “I really enjoy working with children,” said Kim. “They are so real and honest and happy. I love having the opportunity to build a child’s self-esteem and help them develop positive attitudes while having fun and exercising.”

Cheer4Fun were a spotlight performance at the December 8th halftime show during the USD Men’s Basketball game, and the plan is to offer some type of performance opportunity at the end of each cheer session. Winter sessions begin the second week of January, and a full schedule is available on the website. Kim’s husband Ken is an accountant at Miramar Marine Corps Air Station, her son attends The Claremont Colleges, and her daughters (Nicole, 18, and Natalie, 9) have participated in her gymnastics programs their whole lives. The Moser family enjoys being familiar faces around the 92131 community, and Kim feels “especially fortunate to have the opportunity to regularly meet new people through my profession.” Obviously, she bends over backwards to keep the kids of Scripps Ranch cheerful.


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Name: Kimberly Anne Moser

Age: 47

Community: Scripps Ranch

Profession: Business Owner, Gymnastics & Cheer Coach

Family: Husband, Ken Moser; Children, Stephen, Nicole & Natalie

Websites: |