Frogbonz, LLC. and Dingeman Elementary have teamed up to host a student Fit-Day to be held on May 24. Frogbonz, LLC. approached Principal, Kimie Lochtefeld, with a proposal to spearhead an event for the purpose of educating students on the importance of physical fitness and show them that there are certain careers that require physical fitness on a daily basis. Rather than speak to students in an auditorium, it would prove more conducive to their education if they actually experienced a taste of those career fitness regimes. This one-day event draws strength from First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative.

“Now is the time to show, rather than tell our students the importance of being fit for life,” said Principal Lochtefeld. “We are honored to have our community join forces with us on our Fit-Day. We want every day to be a Fit-Day.”

In addition, a fitness-station paying homage to parents will be run by Dingeman parents themselves, to show the students that their mom’s/dad’s conduct daily physical fitness, such as unloading groceries from the car, carrying laundry baskets and general cleaning around the house.

If you would like more information about this event please contact Darrik Isham at 619-757-4351.