Luca Cometti is an Athletic and Academic Phenom On Land and Sea

by Kelley gusich | photos by Spark Photography

When Luca Cometti is asked what would surprise most people about him, he will talk about loving techno but disliking SUVs. He might share his first language, Italian, and his continued fluency, or maybe discuss a fondness for gluten-free foods and his travels to Mexico.

2What would really astonish many people about Luca are his life pursuits. The average upcoming high school senior might be looking forward to basketball season, spirit days or chess club. Luca is continuing to pursue different passions in his senior year: summoning those sublime surfing skills; mastery of that mountain biking magic.

A childhood love of bike riding turned into BMX racing at Kearny Moto Park by the age of eight, and that bloomed into mountain biking. “The thing I enjoyed about mountain biking,” Luca shared, “was that you can do it virtually everywhere and just about on any surface and you can build what you want to ride, which was not an option in BMX racing.” He recently won a national competition in China Peaks for the Pro GRT (Gravity Racing Tour), and before that raced in Val di Sole, Italy for the second stop of the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) World Cup, where he was 20th out of 72 racers. Luca currently trains out of the Ryno Power Gym in Temecula with trainer, Ben Clark.

Luca feels lucky to be able to surf at least two times per week in his P.E. class at The Grauer School in Encinitas. Surfing is a nice way to step away from electronics, school and the pressure of maintaining good grades. “Not to mention it is great cross-training for mountain biking,” he added, “because it works your back and arms a lot, as well as your cardio. This year I did a couple of contests with my school in the SSS surf division which is similar to any other school sport, except you are surfing in the ocean.”1

His inspiration is local pro, Aaron Gwin, “…who happens to be one of the fastest if not the fastest downhill mountain bikers at the moment.” Luca’s life pursuits have led him to an interest in how the body works and how it is affected by exercise and diet, so a nutrition or kinesiology occupation is in his future. He also wants to travel, bike and surf. Whatever comes along, Luca will be on an adventure for success.


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Name:  Luca Cometti
Age:  17
School:  The Grauer School
Grade:  12th
Parents:  Aldo and Veronique
Siblings:  Matteo (14)[/box]