Kristin Rayder Has a Drive to Assist in Community Events and a Passion to Help Others

by michelle tremblay | photos by Spark Photography

Kristin Rayder and her family have been living in 92131 since 1989. “I love the sense of kindness, caring and community,” shared Kristin. “Scripps Ranch is a very close-knit family and we all watch out for and take care of each other.” Perhaps Kristin’s affection for her community is one of the reasons she has become such an avid volunteer. By joining the Rotary Club of Poway-Scripps, recently forming the Neighborhood Preparedness Group and helping out with her kids’ various activities, Kristin is doing her part to help others and stay involved.

3“In an effort to teach the joys of volunteerism to my kids, I joined the Rotary Club of Poway-Scripps five years ago,” said Kristin. She noted that one of her biggest contributions as a member of the Rotary Club has been helping to form the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council following the 2003 San Diego wildfire. “We have accomplished many preventative measures and continue to provide information about fire prevention in our community. We are currently working on a Community Emergency Evacuation Plan for our community,” she explained.

Aside from her community involvement, Kristin makes it a priority to be present for her three sons, Troy (19), Kyle (17) and Evan (14). “In an effort to stay involved in the lives of my children since I am a business owner and tend to work long hours, I have attempted to volunteer at different stages of their lives,” she said.

To that end, Kristin has consistently volunteered at the local elementary school, high school and Boy Scouts. “I ran Student Council at Jerabek Elementary for six years while my sons were playing little politicians,” she stated. “I taught Art Corps from kindergarten to fifth grade in all of my sons’ classrooms.”

At Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS) Kristin served as Band Booster President for two years while Troy was in marching band. “I have served as coach for the Mock Trial Team at SRHS since 2010 and continue to do so as my sons have competed on the team,” added Kristin.1

Her time with the Boys Scouts has been spent as “Den Leader” to Troy and Evan’s dens and as chaperone on camping trips to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. “I am also on the committee as one of the board of review persons,” she explained.

Although it’s hard to believe that Kristin has any down time, she does try to fit in some outdoor activities with her husband, Dave, and their boys. Among her favorites – visiting the beach, hiking and skiing. “Having sons helped hone these interests!” admitted Kristin.

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Name:  Kristin Young Rayder
Age:  55
Community:  Across from the Wine Country neighborhood
Volunteer Affiliation:  Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council;
Rotary Club of Poway-Scripps;
Scripps Ranch High School; BSA Troop 616
Family:  Husband – Dave (66), Children – Troy (19), Kyle (17), Evan (14)