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92131 musician, Patrick Yandall, has been marching to a beat from a very young age. Patrick was born into a military music family; his father was a musician in the Army band. “I began playing music in church with [my father] in Bay City, MI when I was very young” recalled Patrick. The church choir soon led to more mature gigs. “I started playing clubs in Michigan when I was in ninth grade. I had to sit outside during breaks, because legally I was not old enough to be in these establishments,” Patrick reminisced.

In the early ’80s, Patrick made the move to San Diego to be closer to the Southern California music scene. Over the last 30 years, Patrick has performed jazz in some of San Diego’s most popular music venues, including Humphrey’s, Henry’s Pub, The Bahia, The Hilton and Anthology.

While Patrick’s last two decades have been spent in 92131, his music and influence have spread much farther. From the Weather Channel to Muzak, Patrick’s recordings are heard worldwide, spanning across movies, television and radio. Most recently, the track “Mr. Fattburger” has been featured in the movie “Fruitvale Station”. Patrick explained the significance, “I performed all the instruments on this and recorded and produced the whole thing. I am so proud to be involved with this movie.”

Off the stage, Patrick pursues another one of his passions – football. He has coached Scripps Ranch Pop Warner Football for the last three years, posting winning seasons in 2011 and 2012. “Football has always been a passion of mine, and it was a joy to be coaching the past few years,” Patrick acknowledged. His passion for coaching comes from supporting the local youth and watching his son, Marcus, play as his team’s starting quarterback for the past five seasons.

For 20 years, 92131 has been the community Patrick is proud to call home with his wife, Marla, and Marcus. “I am honored to be part of this community. I have some of the best friends in the world here.” As an internationally recognized musician, a local coach, and a proud father and husband, Patrick Yandall has defined success both on and off the stage.

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Name: Patrick Yandall
Age: 53
Profession: Musician/Producer
Community: Legacy/Scripps Ranch
Family: Wife, Marla (49) & Son, Marcus (14)