[heading style=”1″]by JAKE TODD | special to 92131 Magazine[/su_heading]

In many other parts of the country, November is a time of crisp cool weather, an abundance of colorful leaves falling to the ground, and perhaps the first sign of snow. In San Diego, where sunshine is plentiful and the seasons don’t change much, November is first and foremost the season of thanks and Thanksgiving.

Some adults may think that we teenagers are too preoccupied with our Facebook and our phones to be thankful for much. To get at the truth, I conducted an informal survey of SRHS students and found that many people are thankful for a variety of things—and not always the things I expected.

Elena, a senior, appreciates all of the extracurricular activities SRHS has to offer. To show her gratitude, she takes the time to participate in a variety of extracurricular groups, like Chamber Orchestra.

To Jacob, a junior, the best thing about Scripps Ranch High School is the safe learning environment. He likes feeling comfortable and secure at school. Another student agreed, adding that she likes the consistent routines of high school.

One freshman, Michael, joked that he was most thankful for the sleep he’s getting. He shows his gratitude by sleeping as much as possible.

Michelle, a senior, was most thankful for Ms. Bergen’s 10th grade AP European History class. She said the class was more engaging and funny than any other class she’d ever taken. In fact, it’s leading her to pursue a career to aeronautical engineering. You might ask, how on Earth does European history connect to aeronautical engineering? I asked Michelle the same question too. She told me that European History has taught her that planes brought people together in a totally new way. Now, Michelle wants to be part of the legacy of flight. She shows her gratitude by regularly visiting Ms. Bergen.

As for me, I’m most thankful for the kindness and support of the smart, funny people around me. I’m grateful that they help me see life through many different perspectives. Since I have really enjoyed my time at SRHS, I’m also thankful that I still have one more year of high school.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’d like to challenge you, whether you’re a teenager or not, to find someone or something you appreciate and to show your gratitude.

Jake Todd is an incoming senior at Scripps Ranch High School. He has been selected as the ‘Falcon Insider’ for the 2013 – 2014 school year. He can be contacted at info@92131magazine.com.