In honor of
Valentine’s Day,
we had couples
from 92131 submit
their stories of
how they met
and fell in love.




love01Kurt & Debbie Sullivan

Kurt Sullivan – “After a job relocation, I inquired if my new parish had any activities for young adults. I was told of a scripture group and given the number for Debbie, the girl who ran it. I called, inquired, and went to the next meeting. Afterwards, I decided the group wasn’t quite right for me … but that Debbie was, so I called and asked her out. A first date occurred on Aug. 10, 1984, and despite another job relocation for me, and the ensuing long distance relationship, on Aug. 10, 1985 we married and remain that way twenty-eight years, two kids and a bunch of pets later.”


Andy & Carol Bleakleylove02

Carol Bleakley – “Andy and I have been married fifty years. We first met during a seventh grade homeroom period in the Panama Canal Zone, and have had a lasting friendship ever since. Our very first date was to a freshman dance, but we really didn’t become a couple until our senior year of high school. Christmases during college, and a few weeks together during summers was sufficient for our relationship to flourish and grow. With Andy as an officer in the Navy, and me being a school teacher in the Canal Zone, we reunited during the summer of 1963, and were blissfully married on Dec. 22, 1963.”


Norb & Janice Seufertlove03

Janice Seufert – “We worked at a large company but never met. He saw me in the elevator but never said hello. We broke our wrists at the same time and a friend suggested I call Norb to discuss our misfortune. I had no idea what a ‘Norb’ was but called anyway. After a great conversation I was hoping he’d ask me out … but again, he didn’t have the courage. Eight months passed until that friend was meeting Norb and I joined them. That friend’s name is George and the place we worked was Grey, so our children have names that start with G!”


Cory Michel & Brittany Parklove04

Cory Michel – “Another summer working at Clear Channel only meant one thing … another batch of interns! Over the years I’ve seen a lot of interns come and go. Some cool, some fun, some horrible, some attractive, some repulsive, some unique and some not so much. Regardless, I always made it a point to avoid dating interns! I didn’t want to be ‘that guy’. In walks Brittany – the girl that changed it all from the second I laid eyes on her. She was by far the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had this presence about her that was so intriguing to me. I was completely drawn to her and was determined to get to know this girl. Regardless of her intern status, I wanted desperately to date this girl. She was my dream girl, and when she told me she had never had a boyfriend, I quickly assured her that I would be her first and last. Little did I know that after two quick dates, she would be my future girlfriend, cook, caretaker, best friend, soul mate – my future wife!”