Bright Horizons at Tierrasanta Establishes a Superior Foundation of Academics and Socialization for its Preschool Students

Because the experiences within the first five years of children’s lives establishes the neural connections that provide the foundation for language, reasoning, problem solving, social skills, behavior, and emotional health, it is critical to enroll them in a quality preschool. The educated, compassionate staff of Bright Horizons at Tierrasanta has found that the children who enter their program as two-year-olds have the strongest foundation of academics and socialization, which helps them succeed in school and in life. The two to six-year-olds enrolled in this private preschool located in the Tierrasanta neighborhood in San Diego are assigned a primary teacher, and a playground. The well seasoned staff, having taught up to thirty years, recognizes that children develop at different rates and tailors the curriculum accordingly.

bright_horizons03Bright Horizons at Tierrasanta, formerly known as Early Explorations, was acquired by Bright Horizons – a leader in early education and preschool programs – in 2001. Heide Fields, Director, explained, “We use the World at their Fingertips curriculum as well as enrichments that complement California state standards and the guidelines established by The National Association for the Education of Young Children.” The Handwriting Without Tears writing program and the Imagine It reading programs bolster the language arts curriculum while The Everyday Mathematics program helps children become lifelong mathematical thinkers and problem solvers. In the Kindergarten Prep classroom, children explore X-rays and fossils as well as lead exciting experiments. The kindness curriculum allows children to practice kindness, conflict resolution, and respect for their environment and the diverse individuals of this world. The art program, helps students develop an appreciation for art, music, theatre, and dance. And to instill healthy habits, children participate in cooking projects that focus on healthy, pure foods and a daily physical education program.

Because the passionate staff balances academics and developmentally appropriate practices, graduates of Bright Horizons at Tierrasanta excel in local private and public schools.

Heidi added, “On Thursday, February 6 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., parents and their children are invited to our school to meet our teachers and participate in activities to gain an understanding of what their child will learn. We will also have alumni parents present, to share their experience of our program, and describe how their children transitioned to elementary school.”


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Name of Business: Bright Horizons at Tierrasantabright_horizons02
Director: Heide Fields
Years in Early Education: 18 Years
Year of Establishment: 1991, Formerly Early Explorations
Address: 6090 Santo Road, San Diego, CA 92124
Email contact:
Phone: 858-467-1800
Description: Childhood is the beginning of a life adventure—an early exploration into one’s world and self. Our goal at Bright Horizons Encinitas is to provide a safe, clean, encouraging environment for the child to explore the world around him/her. Our teachers are professional and qualified in the field of early childhood development. Their primary role is to help each child playfully interact with the learning environment and with other children. Children learn that a healthy self-concept includes being a valued member of their group.

Join Bright Horizons at Tierrasanta on Thursday, Feb. 6 to learn more about school readiness.