Guitar Gal

Isabella Pihas got into music almost by accident. “My first grade teacher said to my mom one day, ‘I didn’t know Isabella played guitar.’ My mom replied, ‘I didn’t know either,’” said Isabella. “Later she found out I had told my teacher that I played guitar, even though I didn’t (but I wanted to), and my mom signed me up for guitar lessons.”

This guitar gal has now taken her music to the next level, performing around San Diego and singing for charity. She raised nearly $1,200 for Rady Children’s Hospital, and was named a Junior Miracle Maker for 2013. She recently collaborated with the pre-teen band Almost Grounded at a show to raise money for the Marshall Middle School music program. She cites the Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift, as well as other artists “ranging from alternative rock to post-hardcore to pop” as her musical inspirations. She has even performed at the esteemed House of Blues, which she described as a “really cool experience.”

Isabella currently attends Julian Charter School San Diego Academy of Performing Arts, located in Mission Valley. Drawing from her music idols and life experiences, she’s written songs about love, going through life, and the struggles of being a teenager. But Isabella has bigger dreams beyond the struggles. “I would like to pursue music as a career, but I have also been really interested in psychology,” she said, “I’m not sure what the future holds, but I guess I will just have to see what happens.”

No doubt, with her talents and passion, Isabella will go far. Read more about Isabella Pihas and her music at