photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

Creative Flair

With a varied background that includes stints as a police officer, an executive assistant, an art student, and a yoga teacher, Sue Davey, a British-born mother of three grown children who has lived in the Scripps Ranch Lake Point neighborhood for eighteen years, is applying her know-how to benefit the Hidden Valley House (a San Diego-based shelter for abused adults and children). She first became acquainted with the shelter after attending its annual fundraising tea event, where Sue realized, “I felt immediately at home.” Soon after, she volunteered to not only teach yoga to the residents, but also to organize the donated clothes. Sue is now an enthusiastic member of the Hidden Valley House Auxiliary, providing whatever services may be needed.

One service Sue especially loves utilizing is her creative flair towards the Hidden Valley House Auxiliary’s annual fundraising tea event. She exclaimed, “I am always a part of the tea committee! A way in which I contribute is by using my graphic design skills to design the artwork for the annual tea invitations.”

At the annual tea event, Sue also gives unique, entertaining presentations to call attention to the shelter’s immediate needs. She explained, “Due to government cutbacks and less available grant money, what we raise helps fill the shortfall, so I do my ‘shtick’ to get the tea guests relaxed enough to part with more of their money! I have used a dressmaker’s model and outfitted ‘her’ with all of the needs of a guest who arrives with nothing but the clothes on her back; and when the shelter needed a new roof, I crafted roofing tiles into accessories, a la Project Runway. I’ve also parodied rap songs to outline the ongoing needs of the shelter.”

In addition to her auxiliary involvements, Sue also belongs to a Scrabble and bridge group, and makes bead jewelry. She also regularly brings her trained therapy dog, Bertie, to the Poway Adult Day Health Care Center for some much-anticipated visits. Favorite local hangouts include Yanni’s Bistro, Fitness Quest 10 and Starbucks, where Sue admitted, “My husband and I have formed friendships with the regulars – it’s a bit like the sitcom Cheers, but with coffee and old fogies!” She added, “It seems no matter where I go in Scripps Ranch, I will meet someone I know and have the opportunity to share a smile and a chat.”


Name: Susan Valerie Davey
Community: Lake Point since 1996
Volunteer Affiliation: Hidden Valley House Auxiliary
Occupation: Retired
Family: Husband – Chris Davey; Children – Sara Stowe, Simon Davey, and Gemma Davey; Grandchildren – Iris, Ivy and Mathilda
Hobbies/Interests: Yoga, reading, movies, crosswords, Scrabble, Bridge, art, and jewelry making

Name: Hidden Valley House Auxiliary
Mission: Hidden Valley House is a safe haven for adults and children needing to escape from an environment of abuse – physical and/or mental. The Auxiliary exists to help furnish extra needs and treats to ease the pain and stress for all of those affected.
Group Contact: Lauretta Johnson
Phone NUmber: 858-695-6708