by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Spark Photography

Passion for Pets

Ask the SantaCroce family what they are most passionate about and the answer is unanimous – animals! The SantaCroces have three dogs, Nico, Z, and Ashton, as well as a cat named Angel, a corn snake called Ceasar, and a horse named Andromeda. “Our entire family loves animals. We enjoy fostering dogs when we can, but have to work very hard at letting them go to other families! The kids are really amazing with foster dogs. They know that some have been abused and are scared. They do a great job of allowing the dogs to get comfortable in our home,” related Sarah SantaCroce. She, Mark, and their two children Gianna and Dominic have in fact made two of the foster dogs permanent members of their family. Z and Ashton were fostered by the SantaCroces through Second Chance Dog Rescue of San Diego, and have since become adored additions to the household.


Mark, Sarah, Gianna, and Dominic each have individual interests and talents that keep life interesting – and busy. Mark is vice president of sales for a pharmacy benefit manager based out of Chicago. He enjoys playing the guitar and working out at the gym. Sarah, a stay-at-home mom, is also an avid horseback rider, riding four to five times per week and loving every moment. Gianna, who is an 8th grader at Meadowbrook Middle School, is a competitive cheerleader for SoCal Select. “She travels for many of her competitions and went to Orlando, FL in May 2014 to participate in The Summit All Star Cheerleading Championship with her team,” stated Sarah. Dominic is a 5th grader at Morning Creek Elementary. He is a voracious reader who also loves cars, video games, and the trumpet.


Both Gianna and Dominic surf and boogie board, and Mark and Sarah enjoy spending time at the beach watching the children and joining in the fun. “As a family, we also love to go skiing, see movies, try new restaurants, and go to our favorite 92131 eatery, Yanni’s Bistro. We love the new location,” revealed Sarah. She and Mark are happy to be settled in the Estates at Stonebridge, where they moved five years ago from Utah. According to Sarah, when they visited the community during a house hunting trip, they knew that Stonebridge was the perfect place for their family.




Parents: Sarah and Mark SantaCroce
Children: Gianna SantaCroce (13, 8th grade at Meadowbrook Middle School),
Dominic (10, 5th grade at Morning Creek Elementary)
Community: Estates at Stonebridge since 2009
Hometowns: Sarah – Dearborn, MI; Mark – Pelham, NY
Sarah – Stay-at-home mom; Mark – VP Sales
Pets: Nico, Z, and Ashton (dogs); Angel (cat); Ceasar (Corn Snake); Andromeda (Horse)
Favorite Place to Visit in 92131: Yanni’s Bistro – we love their new location!