by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Spark Photography

Meet Linda and Happy

For Linda Roth and her dog, Happy, nothing is more rewarding than bringing smiles to the faces of people in need. According to Linda, she selected Happy as a puppy from a local breeder whose dogs are known to have good temperaments. From there, she and Happy began their journey with Love on a Leash, a San Diego organization that provides pet therapy in nursing homes, hospitals, and schools. “I joined Love on a Leash in 2009 because it was a group of people who love their dogs, as well as love bringing happiness to others in need of a connection. Love on a Leash really brightens the day for those we visit with our therapy dogs,” explained Linda. She is now an assistant organizer for the group and encourages Scripps Ranch residents with dogs that display sweet dispositions and enjoy being with people to contact Love on a Leash at to find out how their dogs can become certified as pet therapy animals.


Staying active and outgoing is very important to Linda, and in addition to Love on a Leash, she is a part of several other volunteer endeavors. She is a team leader for the medical center of the Veteran’s Association in La Jolla and is a member of the Scripps Ranch Women’s Club. She also helps keep the 92131 community clean by volunteering to fill the “Mutts Mitts” dispensers at Lakeview Park, a service she has been performing for more than 10 years.

As a resident of Scripps Ranch for 15 years, Linda enjoys the family-oriented and tight-knit feel of the community. She and Happy have many friends and neighbors throughout 92131 and can often be found taking long walks, sipping coffee at Starbucks, and playing around at Lakeview Park. “We love the Symphony in the Park in the summertime, and Happy also loves having children at local schools read to her. Without Happy, I love to go to the Scripps Ranch Theater to see the wonderful plays,” stated Linda, who also enjoys spending time with her two grown children and four grandchildren.


Name: Linda Neal Roth
Community: Scripps Ranch
Volunteer Affiliation: Love on a Leash
Profession: Retired
Family: Two grown children, four grandchildren
Hobbies: Being a great neighbor