The Green Team

Miramar Ranch Elementary School is wrapping up a very green school year. “Before school dismissed last year, we got district approval to reestablish the garden area on the northeast section of campus,” said Green Team Chair Jennifer Leader. “The garden team worked all summer pulling weeds, rebuilding the existing four large raised beds, building compost bins, reestablishing the nature trails, and refurbishing the existing pergola structure.”

When the school year began, the Green Team started holding Garden Club meetings before school. A group of about 30 kids regularly helps weed, bug hunt, water plants, and harvest vegetables. Another program, called Garden Corps, also started up in the fall. Garden Corps is a common core garden-based science curriculum taught by parent volunteers to individual classrooms.


Other sustainable events throughout the year have included harvest parties, a campus clean-up day, building three new small raised beds for individual Garden Corps classes, and starting a big push for more recycling on campus in the spring semester. “With the help of Student Council, we made signs encouraging the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle – and posted them around campus,” said Jennifer. “We made a school-wide presentation, made individual classroom visits, and helped in the lunch area to monitor recycling practices. The school district supplied us with more recycling bins.”

“We recently earned our Garden to Café certification from the district, which allows us to serve our harvested fruits and vegetables in the school cafeteria,” said Jennifer. “So far the students have enjoyed mixed lettuce, carrots, sugar snap peas, and tomatoes that they helped grow themselves!”