Local student Naya Menezes, an eighth grader at Marshall Middle School, was named one of 30 finalists for the Broadcom MASTERS competition hosted by Society for Science and the Public. She joined the other finalists in showcasing her project at the final competition in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the finals, she was among the group that won the Team Award for their ability to work together and solve problems through communication and collaboration – she and her teammates each won an iPod Nano.

Her project, titled Effective Headgear in Soccer, combined her passion for sports with her passion for science, as well as her desire to help make a difference. Naya had seen a number of her teammates suffering from head injuries, including concussions, both from contact with the ball and other players. For her project she tested different brands of headgear for effectiveness using a hollow mannequin in her backyard.

Learn more about the annual competition at www.societyforscience.org.