by LYDIA COBB | photos by Spark Photography

Helping Seniors Thrive

Kathy Randall is a self-described old soul. “I think this is what draws me to older people – their wisdom, truthfulness, and honesty,” mentioned Kathy, a geriatric social worker for much of her career. The Randalls have lived here for 14 years. Her husband, Gary, recently retired from the San Diego District Attorney’s office. Their daughter, Nora, graduated from Scripps Ranch High and is taking after her mom by obtaining her Master’s in Social Work at UCLA.

As a geriatric care manager, Kathy had a private practice called Age @ Home Elder Care Management. For the last decade, she has also volunteered in senior care and is the past president of the Aging and Independent Services Advisory Council. She’s currently president of the Triple A Council of California, an organization representing area agencies on aging advisory councils.

Group: Scripps Ranch 50 Plus Club; a standing committee of Scripps Ranch Civic Association
Mission: Scripps Ranch 50 Plus focuses on providing social and educational activities for Scripps Ranch Baby Boomers and Seniors
Phone: 858-397-5747

Name: Kathy Randall
Community: Scripps Ranch since 2002
Volunteer Affiliation: Commissioner to the California Commission on Aging
Profession: Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Geriatrics
Family: Husband, Gary; adult daughter, Nora; two dogs
Hobbies: Reading, snorkeling, kayaking, crafting
Favorite Local Spots: Trader Joe’s, Yanni’s Bar & Grill, Bruski Burgers & Brew, Lake Miramar

She founded the Scripps Ranch Elder Care Alliance 10 years ago – now the Scripps Ranch 50 Plus Club, a standing committee of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association. Kathy credits several associates for continuing its leadership in providing social and educational activities for local baby boomers and seniors. “The purpose is to help our neighbors and friends in Scripps Ranch successfully age in place,” added Kathy. “That is, to remain within the neighborhood.” She shared that her biggest accomplishment is helping older adults stay out of nursing homes. Her challenges, she reflected, are working on policy changes to address aging issues.


An age-friendly neighborhood means many things: walkability and transportation access, crime safety, accessible buildings, and affordable housing. State Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins appointed Kathy as Commissioner to the California Commission on Aging, where she advises government on quality of life issues so that older Californians can live with dignity in their chosen environment. For those interested in volunteering, Kathy recommends becoming an ombudsman with Aging and Independent Services. An ombudsman provides a presence in care facilities, helps to monitor conditions, and ultimately lends a voice for those who can’t speak up.

While she may be an old soul, her love for adventure keeps her young. “My husband and I love to travel to Mexico and Belize,” shared Kathy. “We enjoy being near the ocean and out in nature.” She crafts with her sister and they’re now venturing into woodworking with power tools. These are the things she wishes for seniors – to enjoy their lives, their communities, and to age well in place.