Scripps Ranch residents Vanessa Acheatel and Lesleigh Helders are spearheading a new sustainable movement in their community. Buy Nothing Scripps Ranch is part of the international Buy Nothing Project. Local groups form hyper-local gift economies – participants offer items they’re no longer using that their neighbors may need. It’s a way to reduce clutter around the house and find needed items without spending money. The goals are twofold: protect the environment through sustainable reuse and build local community connections. By sharing with those nearby, participants avoid the carbon dioxide emissions of trading across the city, as well as getting to know their neighbors better.

“In our Scripps Ranch group, we have seen some amazing gifts passed along and some beautiful shows of gratitude,” shared volunteer Julianne Vallera. “We have borrowed tools, clothes, and other items from each other, have shared some talents, and have purged a few collections! Sending a loving gift to someone can brighten their day.”

The group operates through the Buy Nothing Scripps Ranch Facebook group, and is only open to Scripps Ranch residents. To learn more about the Buy Nothing Project visit