by KELLY GUSICH | photos by Spark Photography

Clear as Glass

Ilanit Shalev grew up in Israel. In 2002, she and her family had an opportunity to move to Portland, OR. A passion for the arts and crafts coalesced into a love for the glass arts in Portland – the Northwest considered one of the largest glass arts communities – when Ilanit took a three-hour Introduction to Fused Glass course. Her future then became clear. In the past, she had done ceramics and made jewelry, “but I really found my love in glass,” she smiled. “It is such an amazing material to work with.” In 2004, she moved to Scripps Ranch and started building a studio in her garage. Now she is a full-time glass artist.

Attending Pilchuk Glass School in Seattle and then receiving a scholarship to Corning, NY, Ilanit honed her skills. She had some shows around town and was nominated for an exhibit, along with six other emerging artists and two established artists (one being James Hubble), at the Sparks Gallery. “It was a huge honor to be part of this exhibit,” Ilanit explained. “I also had a couple of shows at the JCC in La Jolla.”


Recently, Ilanit started a jewelry and fashion accessories line involving fused glass, leather, and metal. Items she created can be found now in local boutiques, museum stores, and shops featuring handmade goods. As she continues developing this line, she’s been applying to some large fashion and accessories shows around the country. She’s also making a new logo for an internet services company. “My goal is to be an established artist so that people will recognize my art and will wait for a new body of work to come,” Ilanit said.

Ilanit is enjoying raising her two children in Scripps Ranch, with a daughter at Scripps Ranch High School and a son at Marshall Middle. “We are part of the Chabad community in the neighborhood,” she shared, “which is a great Jewish community.” With hobbies and interests including tennis, walking, travel, movies, and theater, Ilanit always has goals she’s working to accomplish – for example, a while ago it was a 21-by-6-foot glass room divider for a local synagogue, complete within a year. She loves being able to tell stories through the medium of glass. “The sky is the limit,” she affirmed. “You just need to believe in yourself.”

Name: Ilanit Shalev
Profession: Full-time glass artist
Community: Scripps Ranch since 2004
Hobbies: Art, tennis, walking, travel, movies, theater
Favorite Local Spots: Miramar Lake, La Jolla, Solana Beach, Del Mar, NTC