by LINDA FRABL | photos by Spark Photography 

Honors Student Competitor

Angelo Carrasco was chosen to represent San Diego at the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders, an honors-only STEM program that took place in Boston, MA from June 29 to July 1. This 16-year-old, who will be a junior at Scripps Ranch High School, was selected because of his academic achievement, his leadership potential, and his love of science and technology. The event featured notable guest speakers who discussed the latest advances in science and technology.
Crediting his mom’s sound advice for his success, Angelo explained, “She taught me to believe. Believing is the key to everything. You have to believe you can accomplish something before you can accomplish it, otherwise you are just cheating yourself.”

student_2Aside from his aptitude in the science and tech fields, Angelo is also an ace on the football field, as well as in track and field. He has been playing on his school’s football team for the past two years, and every spring he does the shot put and discus throwing. Angelo stated, “I really enjoy the challenge of competing, especially against my last score.”

At school, Angelo’s favorite subject is history, and he commented, “It’s fascinating to learn all the intricacies that prove that history truly repeats itself.” Upon graduation, Angelo’s goal is to attend Stanford University and eventually work in an engineering-related job with a business or law degree. Angelo confessed, “I truly believe I have a great shot due to my passion and ability to impact the future.”

In his free time, Angelo adores reading (his favorite book was Misery, by Stephen King), playing computer games, and even jumping rope. He also cherishes quality time with his family, which consists of his mom, his three dogs, a cat, and a horse. Angelo revealed, “My mom and I have a routine during the week to make sure we get through everything we need to do, and then we like to relax on the weekends. We also take road trips.”

“You have to believe you can accomplish something before you can accomplish it, otherwise you are just cheating yourself.”

No matter where his journeys may lead him, we know that Angelo will have a promising future. For the time being, though, Angelo is content to live in his Scripps Legacy neighborhood, located around the corner from Cypress Canyon Park. Angelo elaborated, “There are lots of trees, a big park, tennis courts, and my neighbors are super nice. I love living here!”

Name: Angelo Carrasco (16)
School: Scripps Ranch High School
Parent: Alessandra Lezama
Favorite Local Activity:Football