by JENNIFER FRAKES | photo by Spark Photography

Passion For History

student_awad_2For seventh grader Aadam Awad, his love of history and talent for writing were rewarded by a trip to Washington, D.C. to compete in the prestigious Kenneth E. Behring National History Day. Aadam submitted a historical paper in the junior division for San Diego County’s History Day. His paper was chosen to continue on to the California History Day competition, and then to the national competition in the nation’s capital. “This year’s theme was Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange. I wrote a paper entitled ‘The Arab Encounter with Imperialism, From Empire to Statehood.’ Because I was a sixth grader at the time competing against older and more experienced seventh and eighth graders, I am particularly proud of this achievement,” stated Aadam. Even more impressive is the fact that over 600,000 students compete in the History Day competition and less than one percent of those students make it to National History Day in Washington, D.C.

In addition to history, Aadam enjoys English, math, and science. According to Aadam, although these subjects may seem very different, they have many intersecting characteristics and all are important for understanding the world and advancing modern civilization. Aadam attends Francis Parker School and feels fortunate for the experiences he has while on campus. “At Francis Parker School, there is mutual respect between the teachers and students. The teachers are really committed to helping students achieve their goals and be successful in a way that matters to them,” explained Aadam.

An avid reader, Aadam loves delving into the worlds created by authors of all genres.

An avid reader, Aadam loves delving into the worlds created by authors of all genres. He also enjoys exploring the world around him with his family and his dog Cosimo. “My dad and I bike around Miramar Lake, and I love taking Cosimo on walks and to the park,” said Aadam. He and his family are long-time Scripps Ranch residents, and as stated by Aadam, there is no place they’d rather live.


When Aadam looks to the future, he plans to focus on science, specifically space travel. “My plan is to help the human race discover new technologies to reach deeper into space and find life-supporting systems and planets. I also would like to help us travel at greater speed within the reaches of our own atmosphere, making travel a shorter and faster experience here at home,” revealed Aadam. It’s safe to say that whatever path this spectacular student takes, he will be a success.

Name: Aadam Kaid Awad (12)
School: Francis Parker School
Grade: 7
Parents: Yousef Awad and Narma Kaid
Favorite place in 92131: Miramar Lake