by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Spark Photography

Meet the Wans

When it comes to the Wan family, there is much more than meets the eye. Keith and Deanna met while attending optometry school at the University of California, Berkeley. Both are practicing optometrists, with Keith owning two offices, Scripps Poway Eyecare and 4S Eyecare, and Deanna working at Kaiser Permanente. “I have worked for Kaiser Permanente for 19 years, and Keith, in addition to owning two private practices, does many studies and lectures on contact lenses,” related Deanna. Keith and his staff also do local vision screenings and visit Dingeman Elementary School to discuss eye health. “We both volunteer at the Lions Club giving eye exams, and our kids Drew (13) and Trent (11) help out as well. And in April 2017, Scripps Poway Eyecare will host an event providing no-cost eye exams and eyewear for those in need,” said Deanna.


According to Deanna, eye health is not the only passion the Wan family shares – they are also avid baseball fans! “Keith has coached both boys in Little League for the past seven years. Drew plays travel baseball, and Trent plays baseball in the spring season. Also, Keith is a huge Dodger fan, but won’t even think about moving back to Los Angeles after having lived in San Diego,” laughed Deanna. In addition to playing baseball, both boys have a wide variety of interests. Drew participates in the Science Olympiad at Marshall Middle School and plays guitar. Trent is involved with the Math Olympiad at Dingeman Elementary School and plays the piano.

family_wan2 family_wan1

As a family, the Wans enjoy taking walks around their Tiempo neighborhood with friends, as well as traveling. “We are trying to take the kids to see all 50 states before they go off to college! We usually travel with another family, and we try to pick places within a state that are off the beaten path,” revealed Deanna. For example, the family has visited the Little League museum and taken an Amish buggy ride in Pennsylvania and walked over the footbridge that connects Nebraska and Iowa. As much as they love to travel, the Wans are always happy to be home. “Scripps Ranch is a great community. It is a wonderful place for our kids to grow up and go to school. Keith is also very fortunate to have his optometry office in close proximity so that he can serve the community,” stated Deanna.

Parents: Keith and Deanna Wan
Children: Andrew (13) and Trent (11)
Community: Tiempo, Scripps Ranch
Parents’ Hometowns: Keith – Los Angeles; Deanna – Sacramento
Parents’ Occupations: Optometrists
Pet: A goldfish named Orangy (Trent’s fish)