special to 92131 Magazine

The End of an Era

I can now testify that acute senioritis is alive and real. During these last few weeks of high school, I can only focus on the imminent summer and the anxiety-tinged excitement of attending college in the fall. I’m more than ready to reconstruct my world and take this next step in my life, but leaving is still bittersweet.

My best friends are moving to opposite corners of the country. I’m so proud and thrilled to witness all the amazing things they will accomplish, but I’ll miss being able to gossip with them over granola bars and lentil curls each morning. Soon we’ll no longer be able to rely on the daily schedule of school and our five-minute distances, and will need to coordinate time zones and FaceTime availability.

Gone are our familiar routines, all the different niches we carved growing up. Very soon, I’ll be eating my last lunch in the sunny, unassumingly beautiful grassy quad in the center of campus. I’ll go on my last afterschool Yogurt Heaven or Starbucks run, have my last ever English class. Each thing I do now carries a new weight, because this smaller, comfortable world is slowly fading to an end.

But there are still four months before I move away and embark on a new chapter, and I plan to maximize the memories and time with the people and places I love and will miss. My friends and I have already planned our 2017 bucket list of stargazing, beach camping, and, of course, endless picnics and sleepovers.


Catherine Pham is a senior at Scripps Ranch High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92131 Magazine.