Talent and Dedication

Eleven-year-old Piper Brentnall has lived in Scripps Ranch all her life, and she truly values the compassionate community. “I enjoy living here because of the kindhearted families that are found nearby who are always willing to lend a hand during difficult times,” Piper said. She strives to embody the same spirit of service and leadership. She’s a fifth grader at Jerabek Elementary, where she loves her English Language Arts and science classes, as well as the rest of the students and staff. “I love how all the students are always willing and hoping to help around the school however they can,” she said. “I also love the teachers who have inspired me to love learning and researching.”


She contributes to the Jerabek community through her Student Council involvement. She’s co-leader of the Skit Committee, which performs at every school assembly. She enjoys the challenge of writing and directing the skits, which entertain while illustrating ideal character traits.


Piper also gives back as a member of Girl Scout Troop 8792. The girls are in the middle of their Bronze Award project – collecting new DVDs for patients at Rady Children’s Hospital. Look out for drop-offs at the Jerabek courtyard, Canyon Springs Church, and St. Gregory the Great. She stays busy in her free time with soccer – she’s been playing since she was three; music – she plays piano, saxophone, and ukulele; snorkeling – the family visits Maui every year; and musical theater. She recently performed as the Mad Hatter in Scripps Performing Arts Academy’s Alice in Wonderland Jr., and looks forward to Shrek the Musical Jr. this fall.

Name: Piper Brentnall (11)
School: Jerabek Elementary School
Grade: 5
Parents: Cindy Karlberg-Brentnall and Steve Brentnall
Sibling: Finn Brentnall (9)
Favorite Local Spot: Jerabek Elementary School

Looking to her future, Piper’s interest in science could open a number of careers. “I have been fascinated by geology, paleontology, and elasmobranchology – the study of sharks and rays – for years,” she explained. “The only problem with being an elasmobranchologist is that I am cursed with seasickness and motion sickness, and there are not any land sharks.” If she decides to stay on dry land, she’s also interested in acting and writing in musical theater.


In the short-term, Piper looks forward to another fun Scripps Ranch summer. “I love the sense of community felt on the Fourth of July Scripps Ranch celebrations,” she shared. The morning 5K is a family tradition, followed by watching the parade and barbequing at her Nana’s house. It’s a celebration of family and community, and that’s what this Scripps Ranch Student Star is all about.