by NICOLE POIRIER, special to 92131 Magazine

Who’s Running This Place?

Scripps Ranch High School has been gaining new staff members throughout the year, the most recent of which is new principal Nicole Dewitt. Hearing about the opportunity through friends who live in the community and others in the district, Mrs. Dewitt chose to join the SRHS family.

Principal Dewitt started on Nov. 6 and is excited to be a part of the SRHS community. She is focusing on keeping Scripps an effective and successful high school by centering on the students’ high school experiences. “It’s important,” Dewitt stated, “that students feel safe and a part of the community.” She also feels it’s vital for students, faculty, and parents to feel welcome at SRHS to create one proud Falcon family.

Scripps Ranch has many exceptional programs, including AP courses, a wide variety of electives, and dual enrollment classes with Miramar College that Principal Dewitt is planning on continuing to have on campus and eventually make more available with additional choices. She wants students to know she is a partner in education and wants to guide and help them on their journey through Scripps. “I am here to listen to students and hear what they believe the school needs and help in any way I can to make that happen,” she further explained. “I care very much about this school and seeing this school do well, and I want to leave an impression of caring and kindness.” Being available to help students is a key component for Principal Dewitt to get to know the students of SRHS.

With an uncertain beginning of the school year with two interim principals, having Principal Dewitt join the SRHS family and finishing off the 2017-2018 year strong is something to look forward to. She is also looking forward to a great rest of the year.

Nicole Poirier is a sophomore at Scripps Ranch High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92131 Magazine.