by KELLEY GUSICH | photos by Spark Photography

Funds for Change

student_abedi4A lifelong 92131 resident, Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS) junior Kianna Abedi loves where she lives and goes to school, feeling like Scripps Ranch is full of supportive people who’ve helped her develop her ideas and carry out her ambitions. With English as her favorite subject and a passion for writing, Kianna would like to attend a four-year university and continue to a master’s program, with the intent of pursuing a career in law or journalism. Either would allow her to do what she’s most passionate about: helping people spread awareness for social issues.

Kianna’s parents are her biggest supporters. “They strive to give me every opportunity, and genuinely want me to succeed.”

student_abedi3Kianna’s been recognized for starting a nonprofit called Funds for Change, raising money for homeless and sheltered children in San Diego. Since last summer, Funds for Change has raised almost $1,000 in donations and nighttime comforts, through Project Night Night. “With the funds raised,” Kianna confirmed, “I purchase books, blankets, and stuffed animals to put into a single package, and have delivered to shelters right here in San Diego.” The group is currently on their third delivery. Information on giving support and donations can be found at In addition, Kianna volunteers as a tutor for refugees – mostly immigrants from Africa, the Philippines, and Mexico – every Saturday morning, and has also worked with SSUBI, a San Diego-based nonprofit that packages medical supplies and sends them to countries in need.

Name: Kianna E. Abedi (16)
School: Scripps Ranch High School
Grade: 11
Parents: Shohreh and Hamid Abedi
Siblings: Payam (17) and Pedram (13)
Favorite Place in 92131: I feel most comfortable and relaxed in my home.

When not volunteering, Kianna competes at courthouses around San Diego as a member of the SRHS Mock Trial team, after learning about this extracurricular from friends. She’s also played piano for the past seven years. Music serves to calm her down when the stress of school runs high. Kianna’s parents, Shohreh and Hamid, are her biggest supporters. “They strive to give me every opportunity, and genuinely want me to succeed,” she said. “That unwavering support system inspires me every day.”


“I guess one surprising thing about me is how grateful I am for the support system that I have,” Kianna smiled. “I do not take credit for any of my achievements alone, because without my friends and family I would never have been able to think about, let alone start, something like this.” This gratitude and acknowledgement of her community and family are part of what makes Kianna Abedi an awesome 92131 Student Star.