by BECCA BARR | photos provided by Sanctuary Lounge

Local Nightclub

Sanctuary Lounge Provides the Downtown Vibe Without the Downtown Drive

mp_sanctuarylounge3Nightclubs are fun, but it’s not enjoyable fighting traffic to get there. Enter Sanctuary Lounge. This upscale nightclub, which was established in 2013 and is located in Scripps Ranch, offers live music, a full bar, a walk-in cigar humidor, a game room, and a covered smoking patio. “We provide the downtown vibe without the downtown drive,” explained President Jeff Goldfinger. “Sanctuary means ‘a place of refuge or safety.’ That’s what we provide. It’s a place to get away from whatever your worries of the moment are and escape to a better place.”

The original investors of Sanctuary Lounge were looking for such a venue. However, all of the 21+ nightclubs were either downtown in the Gaslamp District or along the coast, neither of which were convenient. They realized that Scripps Ranch was a perfect location, having watched the area grow from a sleepy bedroom community to a well-respected family and high-tech business magnet. “We’ve become a destination for folks as far away as Temecula, East Lake, Oceanside, etc. They prefer our place instead of having to fight all of the traffic and parking hassles elsewhere,” shared Jeff.


There’s something for everyone at Sanctuary Lounge. “We offer karaoke, DJs, jazz bands, comedy nights, solo artists, wine and painting parties, sports TV, pool table, dart board…the list goes on,” related Jeff. “Lots of places have maybe three or four of those on the list. We have nearly a dozen different ways to be entertained.” Their smoking patio was created so that smokers don’t feel ostracized, and their atmosphere is cozy. “It’s a lounge in the truest sense of the word, with oversized stuffed couches and chairs, furnished like your living room. We have a small but often full dance floor,” said Jeff. It’s an easy exit off the freeway, and they offer plenty of free parking.

While they have a full bar, Sanctuary Lounge prides itself on its selection of San Diego craft beer. “We have 16 beer taps and at least 15 of them (sometimes all 16) are dedicated to local craft beers,” said Jeff. They are not a restaurant; however, the Sombrero’s Mexican food next door created a custom menu for them. “You can order inside Sanctuary and we pick it up for you when it’s ready,” Jeff explained. You can also bring in your own food. With their Yelp and Facebook reviews raving about their staff and superior customer service, patrons can be sure to have a great experience.



Name of Business: Sanctuary Cigar Group, LLC dba Sanctuary Lounge
President: Jeff Goldfinger
Years in Position: 4
Year of Establishment: 2013
Address: 12090 Scripps Summit Dr., Suite C,
San Diego, CA 92131

Phone: 858-530- 3039
Description of business: Upscale nightclub in an upscale neighborhood with live music, full bar, walk-in cigar humidor, game room, and covered smoking patio.