by Nicole Poirier | special to 92131 Magazine

The Butterfly Effect at Scripps Ranch High

The Butterfly Effect initiative has moved its way into the Scripps Ranch High (SRHS) campus. The Butterfly Effect, founded by Tasha Wahl in 2013, is an international organization established in San Diego and has become a growing initiative in the Scripps Ranch community. Butterfly Effect consists of two main projects: Wahl2Wahl installations and butterfly drops, which are both currently taking place on the SRHS campus. These installations are large murals of a butterfly created to not only keep the message of positivity and kindness in the minds of those who pass it, but also to beautify the environment surrounding it.

Along with the installation, The Butterfly Effect Club members have initiated monthly butterfly drops, in which a student artist paints a small wooden butterfly, which is then hidden somewhere on campus. Hints are then posted about where the butterfly is on social media. The student who finds it and brings it into the counseling office first will have $250 donated in their name to the charity or organization of their choice. So far, three students have found the butterflies and donated the money to an organization that speaks to them. The winners include Sara Tombe, who donated to A21, Shannon Le, who donated to The Global Partnership for Education, and Evan Dicker, who donated to the American Cancer Society.

Both of these projects are done to introduce SRHS students and members of the community to the extraordinary feeling that comes from doing good in the community, and show what they can do to create a positive impact in the world. Over time, club members hope to get more and more people hooked on doing good. To view the club’s recent projects and butterfly drops visit @srhsbutterflyeffect on Instagram.

Nicole Poirier is a sophomore at Scripps Ranch High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92131 Magazine.