by JENNIFER FRAKES | photos by Alan Smith Photography

Watching Out for the Community

volunteer_shaw3Cheryl Shaw is passionate about ensuring that Scripps Ranch remains one of the safest, friendliest, and most desirable places to live in San Diego County. Cheryl and her husband, Mike, reside in the Wine Country area, a community north of Pomerado Road that was greatly affected by the 2003 Cedar Fire. “We moved to Scripps Ranch in 1989, and our home burned to the ground in the Cedar Fire. We stayed in the same location and rebuilt,” revealed Cheryl. It was through the devastation of the Cedar Fire and the subsequent rebuilding process that the concept of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association Neighborhood Watch (SRCANW) was born.

In the days after the fire destroyed many homes in the Shaw’s neighborhood, Cheryl realized that they had no HOA to help organize the rebuild. “I walked up and down the street, collecting names and email addresses of those who had just lost their homes. That small group of neighbors became the seed for the NoPo group – residents north of Pomerado Road – who were determined to regroup and recover from the fires,” explained Cheryl. The group shared information about every aspect of the rebuilding process and celebrated every victory. In 2010, Bob Ilko, president of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association, came to Cheryl to discuss the idea of forming a “virtual” Neighborhood Watch for the community. With Cheryl’s experience with the NoPo group, Bob felt she would be the perfect candidate to chair this new component of the SRCA. “When a residential crime occurs in 92131, I contact the San Diego Police Department to get details of the crime and then send an e-blast to SRCANW members. The organization has grown to 2,700 email subscribers,” stated Cheryl. SRCANW is the largest Neighborhood Watch program in San Diego County and is a model used by the SDPD for other neighborhoods.


Name: Cheryl Shaw
Community: Scripps Ranch
Hobbies & Interests: Travel, Mahjong, golf, ukulele, volunteering, reading
Favorite Places to Visit in 92131: What better, more peaceful place in our community than Miramar Lake? I especially love the western view from the dam and being able to see the ocean on a clear day.

volunteer_shaw2For her dedication and continuous work, Cheryl was recently named the 77th Assembly District’s Woman of the Year for her efforts in disaster relief and public safety. She encourages those who want to learn more about SRCANW to visit its website.

Although Cheryl retired from a successful career in the escrow industry, she stated that she is busier now than ever before. “I enjoy traveling, golfing, playing Mahjong, and reading. I also volunteer as an usher and Eucharistic Minister at St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church,” said Cheryl. She and Mike are high school sweethearts and have two adult sons and five grandchildren. “My favorite pastime is definitely spending time with my grandchildren,” stated this proud grandmother and dedicated community volunteer.

Name of Group: Scripps Ranch Civic Association Neighborhood Watch (SRCANW)
Group’s Purpose: Through volunteerism we advocate for Scripps Ranch to preserve, promote, and enhance the unique quality of life in our community.
Email Contact: