by NICOLE POIRIER, special to 92131 Magazine

Seeds of Positivity

Scripps Ranch High School is starting off the school year with some new architectural additions to their campus, one of which is going to be the new SRHS butterfly garden. It will feature native butterfly host and feeding plants, composting, and multicultural themed plant families. The garden will be built with a wooden fence enclosure, gravel pathway, an archway entrance, and raised beds for an edible garden.

Students began brainstorming during February and March of 2018, and they proposed their idea to have the garden next to the new English building in the spring. On June 5, the school approved the construction to begin and on July 15 ground was broken. They are looking for tools, supplies, and donations to get the garden started. Students are excited for this new addition to their campus and hope it will help add to the campus’ sustainability and positivity.

The garden will be used for many activities such as an outdoor classroom for the biology department, additional outdoor space for students to hangout, and of course by the Butterfly Effect Club. The butterfly garden is a symbol of the shift in the school’s culture; academic rigor is the main priority at SRHS, but now the school is actively trying to embrace passion and positivity more prominently, very much due to the essential support from the new principal, Mrs. DeWitt. Stop by the Scripps campus to visit the new butterfly garden at the start of the school year.

Nicole Poirier is a junior at Scripps Ranch High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92131 Magazine.