by NICOLE POIRIER, special to 92131 Magazine

Taking a Break

SThese upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, Falcons are taking a much-deserved break from their hectic school lives. From freshman to seniors, all students look forward to the breaks to kick back and recoup from their stressful school days.

What most look forward to is not hearing their dreadful alarms go off at six in the morning. “I’m going to enjoy sleeping in and lounging around the house not worrying about my classes,” stated Georgina Madok, who is a junior at Scripps Ranch High School. The breaks are great for relaxing, and they give students relief from worrying about homework and studying. “I’m definitely going to love not having to cram for an honors pre-calculus or honors history test over break,” said Caroline Jager-Anderson, another junior. Others, however, are less excited for sitting around all day and relaxing, and more excited for traveling and making plans with friends.

Many students are so busy with sports, school work, and extracurriculars that their social lives are confined to the short weekends, but even then sometimes weekends are flooded with work and obligations. “I’m going to hang out with my friends and go as many places as I can before schools starts back up,” stated Nyssa Sais Montoya, a sophomore at Scripps Ranch High.

In order for students to have all this free time over breaks, teachers try to finish chapters and sections before, which usually translates to extra work. Ashley Adriano, a junior, said, “All my classes typically cram in a lot of work before breaks so we have none during, it’s a lot of work but its worth it to have a free break!” With work-free breaks coming up, Falcon students are getting excited for the holidays.

Nicole Poirier is a junior at Scripps Ranch High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92131 Magazine.