by LIZ ONUFER | photos by Alan Smith Photography

Embracing the Challenge

student_hardisty2It was her sixth grade year when Sabrina Hardisty began honing her skills as an athlete and a musician. Since that time, Sabrina has dedicated countless hours to perfecting both her volleyball game and her cello skills. A senior at Scripps Ranch High School, Sabrina excels on the court, on the stage, and in the classroom.

Sabrina began playing competitive club indoor volleyball in sixth grade. Not long after, she also started competitive beach volleyball. “I love the intricacies of the game,” Sabrina shared. “The idea itself is simple: keep the ball off the floor. But there is such precision that each girl in her given position must master.” Sabrina’s growing mastery is evident in her accomplishments. Among those, she has made the All-CIF team for San Diego, earned Western CIF honorable mention, and MVP of the Scripps Ranch Volleyball Tournament.

Name: Sabrina Ann Lokahiokalani Hardisty (18)
School: Scripps Ranch High School
Grade: 12
Parents: Miki and George Hardisty
Hobbies & Interests: I have a fascination with nice pens, doodling, and my favorite band is the Beatles

student_hardisty1About the same time Sabrina started playing competitive volleyball, she also started playing the cello. At first, it was by the request of her parents. But soon after, Sabrina signed up for orchestra of her own accord. “The feeling I have when I play the instrument can best be described as euphoria,” she said. “When I hear myself play, whether in a concert hall or my bathroom (the acoustics are really good in there!) I get the same chilling feeling that motivates me to get out my instrument again and keep playing.” Sabrina’s ability to memorize and visualize music is aided by her synesthesia. With this neurological condition, she associates colors with numbers, musical notes, words, letters, and even personalities. “Some pieces I listen to are gorgeous in my mind’s eye because of their color scheme,” she explained.

At school, honors physiology tops Sabrina’s list as her favorite class. “Learning about the human body in depth is an eye-opening experience,” she shared, “and continues to inspire me to become a doctor.” Sabrina plans to major in biological engineering and pursue a career in medicine with a specialty in prosthetics.

“I’ve taught myself many things by taking risks and learning from my mistakes.”

Sabrina’s success as a student, athlete, and musician isn’t without challenges. She embraces risk-taking and failure as essential to the learning process. “I fail often, but never the same thing twice, because I learn immediately. I’ve taught myself many things by taking risks and learning from my mistakes,” Sabrina acknowledged. “I fail almost every day. But I love it. It’s my own personal efficient learning style.”