by NICOLE POIRIER | special to 92131 Magazine

Hard at Work for Finals

As Scripps Ranch students come back from break and get settled, they pick up right where they left off and begin to get ready for finals. Scripps finals are the last week of January, leaving only two weeks after break to study. Finals are a stressful time for students and many spend countless hours in study groups, at the library, or in tutoring to prepare.

This is the first finals session for freshmen at Scripps and many are not sure what to expect. Peter Madok, a freshman, stated, “This is my first year in high school and I’m nervous for finals. There are so many different classes and materials I need to study, but I will look up to my older sister (a junior) for tips and tricks.” Sophomores, who already have one year’s experience in taking finals, are ready to get another semester behind them. One sophomore, Nyssa Sais-Montoya, explained, “I remember finals last year and they were tough. I hope to learn from them and do well this semester, especially in AP Bio.” Upperclassman, on the other hand, have a better idea of what to expect. “Junior year is supposed to be the hardest, and the classes I’m taking are definitely harder than ones from previous years, but I’m used to the finals schedule and I believe I’ll do well as long as I study hard,” remarked Caroline Jager-Anderson.

Lastly, seniors are getting one step closer to graduation by taking and completing first semester finals. With one semester down, and only one left, many are beginning to feel a little senioritis and some sadness to their high school years coming to an end. One senior, Kyla de Vera, said, “I’m overwhelmed with finals coming so close, but it also motivates me to work hard and get to the end of the year.” So as finals approach, students are hard at work at Scripps Ranch High School, determined to get good grades.

Nicole Poirier is a junior at Scripps Ranch High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92131 Magazine.