by GEORGINA MADOK | special to 92131 Magazine

Falcons Prepare to Get “Lost at Sea”

With finals over and winter blues turning into spring sunshine, the Scripps Ranch High student body is eagerly awaiting the upcoming Spring Formal Dance. On March 16, Falcons will dance the night away at the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla. “We are very excited for this dance,” ASB President Jerry Yang commented. “It’s the first dance that has been held off campus in a long time, so ASB is determined to make it a memorable night.”

To reflect the setting of the aquarium, the theme is “Lost at Sea.” In addition to the sea creatures floating nearby, there will be a wave of food choices, including chicken tenders, empanadas, cupcakes, and chocolate-covered strawberries. ASB hopes that this dance will be sea-cessful. “We think a lot of students will come to this dance,” Yang continued. “It’s going to be at a cool location and be lots of fun.”

However, the dance is more than just about having a good time. If there’s a large student attendance, it will provide the school administration with a good example as to how future off-campus dances will function, and encourage more dances to be held off campus. “I’m excited for this dance. The last one was really fun, even though it was in the gym. I’m excited to buy a new dress and see the aquarium at night,” Kayla Swift, a junior, stated. “I’m hoping a group of friends and I can go,” she continued. “ASB put a lot of work into planning the event, and I want to support them and the school.” ASB promises the night will be a boatload of fun. Hope to “sea” you there, Falcons!

Georgina Madok is a junior at Scripps Ranch High School. She is participating in an internship program with 92131 Magazine.