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Happy and Healthy Kids

Award-Winning Programs Make Children’s Fitness Healthy and Fun!

mp_mygym3If your child is aged 10 or under, and his or her bottled-up energy needs a safe, healthy outlet, consider My Gym Poway, the new children’s fitness center located on Poway Rd. Opened in October of 2018, My Gym Poway is part of the My Gym franchise that has been in the children’s physical early education industry for more than 35 years and boasts expert-designed award-winning fun programs at over 600 locations worldwide.

My Gym Poway co-owner Isabel Liu exclaimed, “We offer a wide variety of age-appropriate activities for kids, including sports, games, relays, gymnastics skills, Mommy & Me classes, and independent kids’ fitness classes. We even provide great birthday parties, seasonal camps, and parents’ night out events!” Reece Cao, fellow co-owner, added, “With hundreds of songs, games, puppet shows, and floor setups that change very week, children become happy and healthy by having a blast!”

As a parent, if you are concerned about your child’s security, the staff at My Gym maintains very high standards. All new team members are required to take 40+ hours of online training, and one to two months of on-floor training before officially becoming a My Gym teacher. Isabel emphasized, “My Gym Poway is an absolutely safe place, and we create an environment where children feel loved and supported while they learn skills such as agility, balance, and hand-eye coordination.” Reece agreed, commenting, “The self-esteem and confidence in these children will flourish as they start getting comfortable with others and developing their independence.”

“My Gym Poway is an absolutely safe place, and we create an environment where children feel loved and supported.” – Co-owner Isabel Liu


Prioritizing community involvement, My Gym Poway hosts free holiday and themed parties at many local fairs, schools, and child care facilities. In addition, My Gym Poway provides birthday parties that are customized to your child’s interests. Reece explained, “Every birthday party is a perfectly planned celebration created especially for the birthday child, with special song and game requests made prior to the party.”

Are you interested in having your child try out My Gym Poway? Keep in mind that the trial class is always free. There are also frequent enrollment specials, so call or email My Gym Poway to find out more.



Name of Business: My Gym Poway, the Children’s Fitness Center
Owners: Isabel Liu and Reece Cao
Years in Position: 1
Year of Establishment: 2018
Address: 12222 Poway Rd., #18-19, Poway, CA 92064
Phone: 858-208-0640
Description of Business: Children’s physical early education center offering Mommy & Me classes, fitness programs, birthday parties, parents’ night out, and seasonal camps to kids from 6 weeks through 10 years of age.