by LINDA FRABL | photos by PortrArt Creations

Philanthropic Chick

Pam Pond, a native San Diegan who has lived in Scripps Ranch for 20 years, has fully immersed herself in her community. She can be found cheering on the athletic activities of her three sons, running three mornings a week with her Sunrise Sistahs running group, attending her book club gatherings, and enthusiastically teaching her fifth grade students at Jerabek Elementary. Now Pam is calling on her friends and neighbors to consider participating in a charitable group she has founded called the Philanthropic Chicks of Scripps Ranch.

The group meets four times a year for about an hour to listen to a presenter from a nonprofit organization that needs financial support, and that almost always has ties to Scripps Ranch. Pam revealed, “There is an understanding that if you come to the meetings, you agree to donate a minimum of $25. My thinking is that instead of going out to dinner and spending money, we’ll give it to a group in need. Also, anyone can come to our meetings; no need to RSVP. Just come join the fun!”

Name: Pam Pond
Profession: Elementary School Teacher
Community: Scripps Ranch
Family: Husband – Chris; Sons – Stewart (19), Davis (18), and Grady (16)
Hobbies & Interests: Family, running, teaching, and helping!
Favorite Local Spots: Jerabek Elementary, Yanni’s Bar and Grill, Fitness Quest 10, STEM Floral, The French Oven, and Miramar Lake

Pam got the idea for the philanthropy in 2014 while visiting her sister in Arizona, who had invited her to attend a similar type of meeting. Pam recalled, “I was so inspired, and I thought I could do it in Scripps Ranch. I knew my friends would come. So I came back and we had our first meeting, which was a success. Now that it’s five years later, we’ve raised $37,372!”

The Philanthropic Chicks has become such a well-known source of local funds that there is a waiting list for the nonprofits to do their presentations. Pam lamented, “The most challenging part of this is fitting all the groups in!” Alternately discussing what she most loves about the charitable group, she shared, “The most rewarding part of the Philanthropic Chicks is looking around at a meeting and feeling the love in the room. It is so powerful to give and expect nothing in return. So many people in Scripps Ranch are extremely generous and truly want to make the world a better place.”