Songs to Inspire

For Savannah Philyaw, creative inspiration is found in all sorts of places, from her close-knit Scripps Ranch community to the treehouse in her yard. Since her first solo performance almost a decade ago at the age of 15, Savannah has been playing music at block parties, house parties, concerts in the park, and most recently, in the recording studio.

Not long ago, Savannah recorded and released her first full-length album, A Whisper in the Wind, showcasing her self-described folk-pop musical style, “fusing acoustic elements with touches of country and an imaginative spirit.” She enjoyed the recording process with her producer, Joel Piper, and compared the experience to a big art project. As much as she loved the collaborative nature of it all, Savannah also recognizes the importance of following her intuition. “Writing the album was a great exercise in following my own instincts and trying my best to write what was in my soul, rather than writing what I think other people will want to hear,” she shared. “Of course, with the hope that the truths within me would resonate with others and inspire them to feel something good.”

Name: Savannah Philyaw (24)
Community: Scripps Ranch
Education: Francis Parker; music business degree from Berklee College of Music
Hobbies & Interests: Music, songwriting
Favorite Local Spots: Nutmeg Cafe, Loving Hut, Lake Miramar, Trader Joe’s, my neighborhood street

Savannah’s favorite thing about music is songwriting, and has co-written music with multi-platinum songwriter Michael Natter, who is best known for writing “I Won’t Give Up” with Jason Mraz, as well as Jack Tempchin, who wrote “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Already Gone” for the Eagles. “I love how creating a song is like grabbing a little idea out of the air and making it into something that expresses an emotion,” she said. “It’s fascinating that a song can then draw that emotion out of others and bring people together.” Savannah’s songs have been played in TV shows like Teen Titans Go! and Unikitty, and she was also recently nominated for Best Pop Album in the 2020 San Diego Music Awards.

When she’s not writing songs or singing, Savannah enjoys spending time with people she loves, going to the beach for sunsets, embroidering, collecting crystals, drawing, animating, decorating, and growing plants, fruits, and vegetables. She also likes to help the families in her neighborhood with kids, pets, and musical endeavors. “I spend lots of time fueling imagination among the kids in the community through music, art projects, planting seeds, and making fairy gardens together,” she shared. Scripps Ranch has always been an integral part of her journey. “My neighbors have been my chosen family for my entire life and we have all seen so much together through the years,” she acknowledged.